Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Your #1 Choice for your Polyaspartic Floor Coating in Sioux Falls!

At All Around Surfaces, we use polyaspartic material in our floor coatings, which makes them stronger and more flexible than the traditional epoxy coatings you find with other companies. Choosing polyaspartic coating will protect your concrete and look fantastic for years to come — read on to learn more about the many unique benefits it offers!

We use a three-layer system to ensure your floors are protected and can hold up to impact, heat, weight, automotive fluids, salt, and nearly anything else you can throw at it. We offer floor coatings in multiple colors and styles, to match existing decor or to create an entirely new look! All Around Surfaces’ floor coatings are designed to be extremely durable, super easy to clean, and completely safe, all while looking incredible.

When you’re ready to turn your home or business’ dirty, cracking concrete floors into a beautiful and durable surface, contact us today for a free quote to get started. We’ve been Sioux Falls’ number one choice for garage floor coatings and other concrete services for more than 25 years, and can offer unbeatable craftsmanship and customer service.

Why Trust All Around Surfaces for your Floor Coating Job?

  • More than 25 years of floor coating experience
  • We handle residential, commercial, and industrial projects
  • We use the most up-to-date materials, tools, and techniques
  • Dedicated personal service and complete communication
  • Fast turnaround and a commitment to meeting timelines
  • Unmatched attention to detail — every job is our masterpiece!

We are your Residential and Commercial Flooring Experts

At All Around Surfaces, we are your Sioux Fall flooring experts for all residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. Whether you’re looking to convert your garage into a dream mancave, you want to improve the safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal of your business, or you want to upgrade your flooring in a large industrial facility, our team has the expertise to get the job done.

With more than 25 years of experience, we’ve continually adapted our techniques and materials to provide the best application for each and every job. We set ourselves apart further by offering modern materials such as polyaspartic floor coatings that provide unmatched value and durability for a wide range of flooring projects.

What are the Benefits of Polyaspartic Floor Coatings?


While epoxy is by no means a weak material to apply to your garage floor, polyaspartic coating takes durability to the next level. It is roughly 10 times stronger than traditional epoxy coatings and garage floor coating, providing serious long-term durability. Whether you are coating a garage floor, an aircraft hangar, or nearly anything in between, you’ll find it nearly impossible to damage your polyaspartic floor.

Another benefit is that this type of flooring is flexible, preventing future cracking and peeling that is commonly seen in concrete surfaces. Due to its unique structure, it will also resist fading and yellowing if exposed to sunlight.

And, at All Around Surfaces, we install our floors to last! The amazing technology of our floor coatings allow us to stand behind them with a full guarantee. Your floors will look like new for many years to come, and are backed with a 15-year warranty for extra assurance.


A common concern with epoxy flooring and other types of smooth floor coatings is that they may be slippery and dangerous. Our polyaspartic flooring has vinyl chips embedded within it, adding some much needed texture to add grip, while still maintaining its easy-to-clean quality.

Ease of Cleaning

Unlike traditional concrete with its cracks, pits, and abrasive surface leaving it vulnerable to lasting stains, our flooring is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It’s fully resistant to tire marks, fluid stains, and nearly anything else you can throw at it.

It is also 100% antibacterial and antimicrobial, allowing you and everyone else who uses your facility to breathe easier!


Of course, you want your flooring to be as attractive as it is durable! At All Around Surfaces, we offer a wide range of colors, and can also blend and customize colors to create truly beautiful floors. With our service, you’re able to match existing decor, add a splash of new color, or whatever else you desire.


Polyaspartic flooring offers the perfect balance of long-lasting durability with an incredibly easy installation process. You won’t have to worry about not being able to use your garage or facility for days or weeks at a time while waiting for your new floor to be completed — our floor coatings are installed in one day, and are ready for full use in only 24 hours.

Your ugly, stained, pitted concrete will be no more, replaced in a day’s time with beautiful, long-lasting polyaspartic coating!

Polyaspartic flooring is a popular choice not only because of its unmatched durability, but because it doesn’t sacrifice looking great at the same. When you install a new floor coating with our help, it’s a quick method of improving durability as well as your curb appeal.

All Around Surfaces has spent more than two decades delivering the highest-quality commercial and residential garage floor coatings in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas. If you’re ready for a makeover for your garage floor, pool deck, driveway, patio, walkway, or nearly any other location, our dedicated team is ready to help! No matter the size of your project, we can provide our amazing polyaspartic floor coatings to transform any dull, outdated concrete surface into something truly beautiful and durable. You can always check our About Us page to learn more about our company.

With a complicated application job of this nature, it always pays to go with an expert who will get the job done right the first time, rather than attempting a poor-quality DIY job. Your floor coatings are an investment, and no one in Sioux Falls does the job better than us! Contact All Around Surfaces today to receive a free quote for polyaspartic floor coating in Sioux Falls.

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