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Is your driveway lacking in its appearance and functionality? Are concrete cracks and stains bringing down your home’s curb appeal? Or maybe the peeling and crumbling make your surface a hazard to walk on? 

Upgrade your home today with a new concrete coating. After all, the driveway is the last thing you see when you leave and the first thing that greets you upon your arrival. It ought to look its best to offer a warm welcome to you, your family, and your guests.

Professional and Quality South Dakota Concrete Coatings 

Let the team at All Around Surfaces handle your driveway renovation project. We’ve improved hundreds of homes and businesses in the Sioux Falls area. With us, you can say goodbye to ugly, bare, cracked, stained, and stinky concrete. Our beautiful showroom-quality surfaces come with a 50-year written warranty!

Benefits of Driveway Coatings

No matter your reason, there’s countless benefits to upgraded coatings for your driveway. Here’s a glimpse at some of the common motives people consider when choosing epoxy driveway coatings:

Unparalleled Durability

Your driveway encounters a lot of friction and inconsistent abrasion. Whether it’s from a basketball hoop, rolling vehicles, or other equipment, driveways can be victim to cracks and divots over time. When you upgrade to an epoxy coating, your driveway surface fights against abrasions and other damage.

Strong Weather Resistance

Like other Midwest states, South Dakota is home to intense temperatures, both in the summer and winter. Both of these seasons have a significant impact on our outdoor surfaces. The rain and sun can wear down any surface eventually. 

That’s why an epoxy coating is beneficial for your Sioux Falls home. It’s designed to outlast the elements, rain or shine. Concrete itself is a porous structure, so water and dirt can get in and cause it to erode from the inside. Our protective coatings keep them intact, no matter the weather condition.

Low Maintenance

As a property owner, you probably already have enough to worry about. Don’t make maintaining your concrete surfaces one of those problems. Our epoxy floors do a phenomenal job of staying intact and fighting off dirt and stains. So, all you need to do is the occasional clean-up.

Extra Safety

Other surfaces can do a subpar job of keeping you and your family safe. With All Around Surfaces, you can have a floor that’s slip-resistant. Everyone can safely and fully enjoy your driveway surface.

Improved Appearance

If your driveway has stains or cracks, it might be a bigger eyesore than you think. Once you upgrade to a shiny, sleek-looking epoxy coating, your home will have an instant boost in appearance. Your new driveway will be the talk and spotlight of the neighborhood. 

Better Property Value

Additionally, professionally-installed concrete coatings enhance your home’s property value. Because they improve the look and functionality, it’s a well-rounded investment. By choosing us, you can get even more money in your wallet when you decide to resell down the road.

4x Stronger

Polyaspartic coating is four times stronger than epoxy and bonds to the concrete by sinking below the surface to fill and reinforce weak areas.

Expert Certified Team

Our expert team is highly trained and is routinely updated on the best processes and products.

Long Lasting

Your basement floors can last up to fifteen years requiring little maintenance.

Our Professional Process

If you want a driveway that’ll last, then trust the driveway coating experts. Other contractors or DIY novices fail to miss the mark in the coating process. We believe this is the difference between a surface that lasts 50 years and one that lasts less than a handful.

All Around Surfaces starts by preparing your driveway by cleaning it and grinding it down. If we notice any imperfections, we’ll patch them up. We then add a base coat for the main coating. From here, we can add any design to provide a unique touch, followed by ensuring its level. Finally, our team adds a top coat that acts as the protective and aesthetic layer.

Why Choose All Around Surfaces?

When it comes to your home, don’t settle for good. You want great! All Around Surfaces offers better customer service, better products, and even better results. That’s one of the reasons why we offer a 50-year warranty. We want nothing standing between you and your dream home for years on end.

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