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Concrete Staining Services in Sioux Falls, SD

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Concrete Staining Services in Sioux Falls, SD

There’s nothing worse than being dissatisfied with the look of your home. Whether your concrete is dull or too simple, adding a coating to give it character is the way to go.

There are many concrete coating options on the market, like epoxy or polyaspartic, but the cost of those can add up quickly.

If you want an alternative to epoxy or polyaspartic coatings, concrete staining may be for you. Concrete staining can dramatically change the look of your floors, bringing a custom, vintage look to your home. The acid or water-based applicator will bring out the natural composition of the substrate, giving your space an entirely unique look. Call us today to learn more about concrete staining.

All Around Surfaces’ high-tech, proven Concrete Staining involves resin/epoxy technology to ensure your garage is able to withstand the harshest of treatments.

Customize Your Floors With Concrete Staining in Sioux Falls, SD

We serve cities within a 100 mile radius of Minnehaha and Lincoln Country, and we’ll go the distance when it comes to providing top-notch customer service to our communities.

At All Around Surfaces, customer service meets leading quality coatings. Our attention to detail allows us to prioritize each customer and provide personalized solutions in every project.

Is It Better To Stain or Paint Concrete?

Both paint and concrete staining can dramatically change the aesthetic appearance of your concrete floors. However, concrete staining is generally better because it creates a chemical bond to the surface, which allows it to last longer than traditional paint, which sits on top. Concrete staining services are followed up with a sealant, which can make it a more durable solution when compared to paint.

Our process for concrete staining involves the preparation, cleaning, and application of the staining solution on your concrete surface. We will prepare the room or space by covering walls so that any staining material does not get on the walls. Then, we’ll grind the concrete to ensure it is level and clean it thoroughly by power washing. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned and all previous sealers removed for the acid stain to take to the concrete.

Once the area is cleaned, we’ll apply the staining solution to the exposed floors. We have both acid and water-based options available for the stain and will provide expert recommendations on which is best for your project. The solution must be left to dry for an allotted time, and then we’ll seal it with a clean topcoat.

Benefits Of Concrete Staining

There are many benefits to concrete staining, but the most appealing factor is the ability to add a unique look to your property.

Cost Effective

Concrete staining is an inexpensive option for people who want to dramatically up-level their flooring in their commercial, residential, and industrial properties. It can be significantly cheaper than replacement costs and other resurfacing options on the market.

Low Maintenance

Stained concrete is low maintenance and, when sealed properly, can prevent moisture, dirt, and chemicals from seeping below the surface. Other than routine sweeping for maintenance, this floor can last for years without repair.

Adds Character

One of the key benefits of concrete staining services is that no stained concrete is like any other. The unique acid or water-based etching chemical relies on the previous flooring and its composition, so no project is like the last. For customers who want to add character to their homes or businesses, concrete staining is the way to go.

Endless Customization Options

Concrete stains can be aligned to your preference to give you the ideal look for your flooring. Add this to the natural uniqueness of the concrete staining process, and your customization options are virtually endless. We seal the flooring with a top coat as well, and you will have the option to choose different sheens and finishes for this.

4x Stronger

Concrete Staining is four times stronger than epoxy and bonds to the concrete by sinking below the surface to fill and reinforce weak areas.

Expert Certified Team

Our expert team is highly trained and is routinely updated on the best processes and products.

Long Lasting

Your Concrete Staining can last up to fifteen years requiring little maintenance.

South Dakota residents trust All Around Surfaces because we provide leading quality concrete staining and coating solutions that make an impression. Our commitment to premium craftsmanship results in increased longevity and satisfaction on every project.

Why Choose All Around Surfaces

South Dakota residents trust All Around Surfaces because we provide leading quality concrete staining and coating solutions that make an impression. Our commitment to premium craftsmanship results in increased longevity and satisfaction on every project.

Whether you need concrete staining services, polishing, or a one-day polyaspartic chip coat install, we’ve got you covered. We are attentive to the details of each project and will provide customized solutions to meet all your flooring needs. Contact us today to get started.

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Are you looking for concrete staining services near Sioux Falls, SD? Are you tired of looking at dull, uncoated concrete in your home or business? The experts at All Around Surfaces can help. Our commitment to quality and honesty in everything we do sets us apart from the competition, and we’re sure to get your job done right the first time. Contact us today for a free estimate.


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