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How much does this cost?

Most people will wonder how much a quality color chip floor coating costs? How much is a double garage? How much is it a square foot?

We want to be fair and accurate and so we hesitate to give out ballpark estimates.  

As you can imagine every floor is very unique.  We have trained experts in floor coatings and they are more than happy to make a personal visit to your project.  They will need approximately 30 minutes or less to complete the process.  

When they are done they will give you a final price that is good for 365 days.  

Our final price is based on many different factors.

  • Size of the area. 
  • Condition of the concrete.
    • Every concrete pad was poured differently with different mixes.
  • Also, the location of the concrete is important.
  • Moisture is a big issue so we need to test the level of moisture in the concrete. If it is too high we may need to apply a moisture blocking coating to make sure your floor lasts a lifetime. There are no shortcuts in our process.
  • Also, most concrete has some issues so we need to address any repairs to complete prior to any coating being applied. Our repairs uses a special fast curing polyurea that sets up in minutes and is grinded smooth so it will look like a new floor!
  • Existing Coatings If there is a sealer or a previous epoxy or paint on the floor that needs to be completely removed so we can get the permanent bond to the concrete.
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