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Many factors should influence the type of flooring you install. When considering concrete polishing in Sioux Falls, many homeowners wonder if this material is cheaper than tile.

While the cost of building materials can fluctuate throughout the year, concrete polishing is generally cheaper than using residential tiles. This blog explores why polished concrete is a solid choice, its many benefits, and whether it’s better than tile.

The Average Cost Differences

The cost of polished concrete floors versus tile varies based on factors like location.

Generally, concrete costs $6 per square foot to install when using six inches of thickness. Less thick concrete, like two inches, can cost around $4.55 per square foot. These costs factor in the material alongside the labor.

Meanwhile, your typical 12 x 12 tile costs around $5 to $10. You can opt for cement floor tiles that provide a rustic look and a cheaper price point of $3.5 to $3.98 per square meter. However, this material is less durable than concrete, making it more expensive in the long run.

For homeowners wanting a truly elegant look, options like natural marble or slate can cost over $35 per square foot. While some homeowners prefer the look and feel of tiles, polished concrete is cheaper to install.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Besides initial installation costs, concrete polishing provides numerous benefits over tile.

Non-Porous Material

Polishing your concrete surfaces can enhance and seal their existing features. Concrete is non-porous, so it’s safer than other installation options.

For example, cement contains tiny pores. When exposed to heat and water, these tiny pores exude VOC (volatile organic compound) fumes. These fumes can be harmful to the environment and your and your family’s health.

Greater Durability

Nothing lasts forever, and no flooring material is safe from issues like cracks or dents. However, polished concrete provides a smooth surface that can withstand pressure from foot traffic, vehicles, and heavy equipment.

Polished concrete is also chemical-resistant, preventing problems like corrosion. Professionals can also apply non-slip coatings to minimize the risks of slipping and falling during a snow or rainstorm.

Easy Maintenance

Tile and polished concrete are masters at repelling stains, but polished concrete has one main advantage over tile surfaces. The tile has tiny gaps between each section where dirt and debris can collect. Meanwhile, concrete surfaces are entirely even.

While both materials are easy to clean, this difference makes polished concrete the better option. Cleaning your polished concrete surfaces may require sweeping daily to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating.

If your surfaces see regular foot traffic, you may also need to mop them once a week with a damp mop to remove water marks, scuffs, and smudges. This process can also restore your floor’s initial gloss.

Thermal Shock Resistance

You can also add thermal shock resistance to your concrete surfaces. This extra feature protects your concrete surfaces from issues like:

These issues often occur when you clean your surfaces using steam or hot water. Your polished concrete surfaces typically won’t need these cleaning treatments. However, business owners with heavy foot traffic may want to invest in thermal shock resistance.

A Longer Lifespan

When you properly install, seal, and maintain polished concrete, it can last for 100 years or longer. Your polished concrete surfaces can withstand even the harshest conditions.

Conversely, the average tile floor only lasts up to 50 years, and you may need repairs during this timeframe.

Endless Design Options

Concrete polishing is cheaper, more durable, and easier to clean than tiles. However, many residents and business owners choose tiles based on visual appeal alone.

There’s a unique charm that comes with using tile, especially if you buy higher-end materials like marble or slate. Fortunately, today’s polished concrete comes in numerous color schemes and design options.

You can easily install polished concrete that simulates pricy materials like marble without breaking the bank. You can even experiment by adding unique gravings or graphics, like your company’s logo.

Get the Best Concrete Polishing in Sioux Falls

Your personal tastes might be the deciding factor when choosing between tiles or polished concrete floors. However, when considering initial costs, lifespan, and overall durability, polished concrete is the better option.

Whether you have a tight budget or want a material that will last a long time, concrete polishing is the way to go. At All Around Surfaces, our services include same-day polyaspartic coats and epoxy flooring.

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