Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

98% of our epoxy flooring installations take two days. Day one is spent preparing the floor and applying the epoxy and chips. Day two is spent applying the sealer. On day three, you will be able to walk around and move items back into the area, allowing several more days before driving vehicles over the surface.

Our Polyaspartic color chip floors are installed in just one day so you can be back on your floor quickly. 24 hours to full cure and ready for vehicles.

How do you prepare the concrete?

An industrial, dust-free vacuum system and a professional grade grinder are used to prepare the area. The small diamonds abrade and scuff up the shiny surface of your concrete, allowing our industrial coating to penetrate deep into the concrete to ensure a bond that will last for many, many years!

What’s the warranty?

We stand behind every floor we install, offering a 20 year warranty on the floor peeling up.

How do I schedule a bid?

Email, call, or text us 24/7 and we will schedule a meeting to look at the job within two days.

Phone/Text: (605) 610-9255

Email: greg [at]

What if I have cracks in my concrete?

Our fast setting polymer patching system is applied to any cracks in the floor. It fills the existing cracks, and then we grind them smooth to match the existing floor level. This hybrid polymer is harder than concrete. It has been proven to repair just about any type of crack in the floor!

How do I clean my floor once you are finished?

Dawn dish soap or simply green and water work great! One of the benefits of our floors is that they clean up SUPER easily! Simply pour the solution on the floor and use a mop or squeegee to clean.

Do you offer custom colors?

All Around Surfaces offers any color you wish, giving you the opportunity to match a team color, a car, etc. The possibilities are endless!

What about all the stuff in my garage?

For $100, we offer a trailer rental which we leave for five days to give you time to empty your garage.

Are epoxy coated floors slippery?

Smooth concrete is slippery. To solve this problem, we apply a texture to our floors which gives a non-slip quality.

Where can this coating be applied?

Anywhere you have a dull, boring, ugly floor! Basements, workshops, sheds, wooden steps, lofts, and more are all perfect candidates for our concrete overlays in Sioux Falls.

Any interior or exterior concrete floor can be transformed in just one day with our polyaspartic color chip floor coatings.

What if I have a coating on now that is peeling?

Most likely we will have to remove an old, peeling layer prior to applying a new coating. Not to worry — we have the equipment to handle that!

How far do you travel?

If you need a floor done we will travel anywhere to get it done! This year we have done projects from Minnesota all the way to south Florida!

Have more questions?

Please ask away! You can always visit our Contact Page and leave us your question. Or visit our About Page if you want to see if we say something super relevant there. All Around Floorings is there to help you with every step of the process of installing epoxy flooring and concrete overlay in Sioux Falls.