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About Us:

Honesty  –  Integrity  –  Commitment  –  Satisfaction.

OUR MISSION: To provide a superior-quality coatings system at the most competitive price, delivered on time.

Hello, I am Greg Muller, the owner of All Around Surfaces. I offer more than 25 years of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial coatings and painting. I have very stringent demands on the quality of our installations. I, along with my staff, install the finest epoxy garage floor coating installations on the market. We make every effort, no matter how long it will take, to make the job as “show room perfect” as we can!

  1. I will answer and return calls and emails personally.
  2. I will offer fast, on-time results. No Excuses.
  3. You will be provided a schedule and full communication during the coating process,
  4. We will keep the job site neat and clean.
  5. Your installation will be to the best of our ability, no matter what the situation requires.
  6. The most up-to-date tools and techniques will be used in your installation.

Our attention to detail is what separates the professionals from the amateurs.

I am not only the owner, I am a certified, trained installer that attends current training programs and seminars throughout the year, being constantly updated on the latest products available on the market. With this knowledge and experience, you can trust that you are getting the best products and the most reliable service available.

Each job we install is our masterpiece.

We want to ensure that your coating like garage floor coating is the highest-quality floor system your money can buy. Period! When you want the job done right the first time, and you need a company that performs, All Around Surfaces is the top choice for your licensed coating contractor. Get in touch with us or visit our Contact page today for the very best in Epoxy flooring installation in Sioux Falls.

Sincerely, Greg Muller

Why are All Around Surfaces coatings Superior?

ADHESION to the concrete

There are multiple properties of a floor coating.  One major factor is its adhesion to the concrete.  If the coating sits on top of the surface it will easily peel off.  Our hybrid POLYUREA base coat penetrates the pores of the concrete forming a lifetime bond. All Around Surfaces Polyurea outperforms epoxy in lab testing.  Bottom line if you tried to remove our basecoat it would pull the concrete off with it!


Coatings are tested to see how much elongation or flex they have.  Epoxy is a harder more brittle coating therefore it will crack more easily.  All Around Surfaces coatings are more flexible which is needed as concrete shifts due to the environment and temperature and moisture changes.

Hardness and durability

The final clear coat is a polyaspartic sealer.  You need a floor coating to be impact resistant and easy to clean. All Around Surfaces sealer is an industrial quality, chemically resistant finish coat that goes on to give your floor a lifetime of protection from automotive fluids, chemicals, rust, salt and more!  Oil and grease will wipe up with a paper towel very easily!

Return to service

All Around Surfaces floor coatings cure faster than traditional epoxy coatings and therefore we are completely done in a matter of hours not days. Many times you may put your belongings back in the same day. 5 hours after the clear coat is finished.

UV Stability

Epoxy is not UV stable which means the sunlight will affect the coating causing it to yellow or amber over time.  All Around Surfaces coatings are guaranteed not to yellow for the life of the floor!

Temperature of installation

All Around Surfaces coatings can be applied in most all temperatures. Summer and winter. Epoxy coatings are super sensitive to temps and therefore you have to put projects on hold at certain times.


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