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57078 Yankton,SD Epoxy flooring in a Dog Salon and Dog Daycare

All Around Surfaces was called to come to the rescue for a pet care floor project. The Red Hydrant in Yankton, SD hired another company to install an epoxy floor. Unfortunately they were not experienced and failed to apply the right sealer. The customer needed an easy to clean floor with dozens of dogs running around. The floor was very rough and stained after only a few months.

All Around Surfaces first had to grind the existing floor to remove the epoxy coating that had been applied. A diamond grinder and vacuum system was used to minimize any dust. Another issue is that the floor had a lot of holes and cracks that were not repaired by the previous company. We used a fast setting polyurea crack repair product to handle any floor repairs.

Once the prep work was done and all the cracks were fixed it was time to apply to epoxy floor coating. This project in Yankton, SD required a quick return to service since they operate a daily dog daycare. All Around Surfaces worked on the weekend and used a fast setting polyaspartic coating. Colored chips were also broadcast into the coating to add to the beauty of the floor, make it slip resistant and also to hide the dirt and dog hair that would accumulate.

Epoxy flooring was the perfect solution for this pet care facility in Yankton,SD . Epoxy floors are extremely durable and bond very well to the concrete. They provide texture so that they are not slippery like tile or vinyl floors. Also, with the varied color pattern of the epoxy chip floor you don’t notice footprints or doggy prints! Epoxy floorings are 100% waterproof so you can powerwash them down and clean them up with ease.

All Around Surfaces has done many projects in Yankton, SD and the surrounding communities. With the polyaspartic chip floors there are some major reasons why people turn to All Around Surfaces.

The polyaspartic chip floors can be complete in one day. Therefore people do not have to leave their items out of their garage for several days. Many times the items can be returned to the garage the same day. With the 100 percent chip coverage the customer does not have to worry about it being slippery. The chips give it texture and still allow for the floor to clean up very easy. The best way to clean the epoxy floor or polyaspartic floor is with some warm water and simple green or dish soap. Mop the floor and then use a squeegee to remove any excess water.

The polyaspartic color chip floors can be applied to any concrete surface. It is quite common for concrete to have stains and cracks in it. All Around Surfaces has the specialty products for any concrete repair. Then once an epoxy floor or polyaspartic chip coating is applied it will look better than new for a fraction of the cost of removal.

All Around Surfaces is the leader in epoxy garage floors in Yankton,SD. We offer fast, free estimates on any size project. Large commercial or industrial projects are no problem as we have the equipment to handle anything.

before epoxy flooring redo
Before epoxy flooring redo.
Before epoxy flooring project
Before epoxy flooring project.
Prepping for epoxy flooring
Prepping for epoxy flooring.
Prepping for epoxy floor.
Prepping for epoxy floor.
Sanding off old epoxy flooring.
Sanding off old epoxy flooring.
Finished epoxy flooring
Finished epoxy flooring.
epoxy flooring prep.
Epoxy flooring prep.
Finishing Epoxy Flooring installation
Finishing Epoxy Flooring installation.
Finished epoxy flooring at Red Hydrant.
Finished epoxy flooring at Red Hydrant, Yankton SD.