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51246 Rock Rapids, IA | Farm Shop Transformed to a Basketball and Volleyball Court Using Epoxy Flooring

Customer contacted All Around Surfaces and had an idea. Turn his heated shop into a play area for his kids.  They were in sports and since Iowa is a bit chilly in the winter they needed an indoor area to play.

He wanted half court basketball lines applied as well as a 3 point line and also the boundaries for a volleyball court.  

Preparing the floor is the first thing we always do at All Around Surfaces.  We used our big diamond floor grinder to scuff up and prepare the concrete for an epoxy coating.  

New concrete is troweled smooth.  This makes it very hard and if you do not abrade the surface the coating will sit on top and not penetrate into the surface.

Once the grinding is done we vacuum up all the dust and debris and make sure the floor is very clean.  Our vacuum system is commercial grade and pulls up 99.9% of all dust.  Without this system you would have quite a mess.

Once the floor is completely clean we then measure and mark to lay out all the lines.  They are marked off and then coated with white epoxy. Since the lines need to stand out from the gray floor we went with white.  

With the lines dry we then taped all of them off to protect from the next epoxy color and chip coating.  

Once all the lines were taped off we then applied the grey epoxy coating with grey, white and black colored chips.  

The center lane was coated with a blue base coat so it stood out from the rest of the floor.  

Yellow epoxy was used as well to highlight additional areas.  Overall the customer was extremely happy in the final result.

The epoxy color chip floor will not peel and also has some texture so it won’t be slippery when kids are running around.  Also extremely easy to clean. Dirt and grime won’t stick to this floor.

This was a great alternative to any other type of floor coating because we were done in a short amount of time and we could customize it to fit the customers needs.

We also have many different color options so we can have your team or school colors as well as put a custom logo on the floor.  Epoxy color chip floors are great for any concrete surface.  Even if there are stains, holes and cracks!  All Around Surfaces has over 20 years experience in floor coatings and stands behind every project.  We also service a wide geographic area from South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and more.  Our Polyaspartic color chip floors are done in one day and come with a 20 year warranty.  We offer fast, Free estimates on any project and work nights, weekends and holidays if needed to fit into a tight time schedule or to get your business back up and running.  We are trusted members of the Sioux Empire Home Builders Association and we work with many of the area’s top builders.  Contact us today.  

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